FAQs About Water Reuse

What is wastewater recycling or potable reuse?

Potable Reuse is a treatment process which recycles wastewater into purified drinking water. Wastewater is processed through various micro-filtration, reverse osmosis, UV and peroxide treatment methods. Learn More

Why do we need to recycle wastewater in San Diego?

San Diego’s water supply relies heavily on importing water from hundreds of miles away, making the region vulnerable to a water shortage in the event of natural disasters and drought. By recycling water, the region has a locally controlled source of drinking water on hand at all times. Learn More

What is the history of wastewater recycling in San Diego?

In 2005, the City of San Diego conducted a Water Reuse Study at all reclamation plants in the local area, completing the first phase of its Advanced Water Purification Project. The objective of the study was to conduct an impartial, balanced, comprehensive and science-based study of all recycled water opportunities. Learn More

Is recycled wastewater safe?

Yes. Wastewater recycling does not have any more known adverse health effects than conventional water treatment methods. Learn More

Where else is wastewater recycling done?

In Southern California, the Irvine Ranch Water District has distributed recycled water for over thirty years. Learn More →

Why do we do testing if it’s already done other places?

Testing is conducted to ensure the public agency is capable of handling additional treatment systems. Learn More

Are there pharmaceuticals in the water?

Many people are concerned with traces of pharmaceuticals and endocrine disrupting compounds (EDCs) left in the filtered wastewater. Drinking water supplied to the residents will have undergone micro-filtration, reverse osmosis, UV, and peroxide treatments to remove pharmaceuticals and EDCs. Learn More

What is purple pipe?

Purple pipe is a series of pipelines designated for recycled water treated to a level suitable for irrigation and industrial use, but not for drinking. Learn More