Where else is wastewater recycling done?

In Southern California, the Irvine Ranch Water District has distributed recycled water for over thirty years. Recycled water is used in high-rise office buildings for toilet and urinal flushing. In Los Angeles and Orange counties, recycled water is injected into groundwater storage basins to prevent saltwater intrusion into the basins near the coastline. Additionally, in Orange County, recycled water that has undergone additional advanced treatment is added to groundwater supplies that are used as a source of drinking water.

Recycled water is used in Fairfax, Virginia and El Paso, Texas in reservoirs and underground storage basins that are a source of drinking water for the cities. Additionally, international recycled water projects have been successful in Asia and Australia. Communities like Las Vegas also treat their wastewater and release it into the Colorado River, which is a major source of San Diego's water, so in a way we are already drinking treated wastewater.