Why do we need to recycle wastewater in San Diego?

Currently the San Diego region imports more than 80% of our water supply from Northern California and the Colorado River. Other sources of water include stored local runoff and recycled water. San Diego’s water supply relies heavily on importing water from hundreds of miles away, making the region vulnerable to a water shortage in the event of natural disasters and drought. By locally recycling water, the City has a controlled source of drinking water on hand at all times.

Additionally, due in part to droughts and new water policies, importing water is becoming increasingly more expensive and unavailable. As San Diego’s population expands, residents’ consumption of water will increase, making increased local water supplies more imperative to alleviate the City’s water shortage. The City of San Diego's Water Reuse Study confirmed that supplementing reservoirs with recycled wastewater is the best option for recycling water in San Diego. By adding treated wastewater to the San Vicente Reservoir, San Diego can have a drought-proof source of high-quality drinking water to supply to its residents.