Pure Water San Diego Update

The City of San Diego plans to send purified water to Miramar Reservoir instead of San Vicente Reservoir as part of its Pure Water San Diego program.

The water produced at the new North City Pure Water Facility will be piped to the Miramar Reservoir and then treated again at the Miramar Drinking Water Plant before it is distributed to homes and businesses.

Sending the water to Miramar Reservoir instead of the San Vicente Reservoir will reduce costs and expedite the implementation schedule, while still providing the same level of public health protection. The length of the pipeline from the North City facility to the reservoir will be seven miles instead of over 20 miles, and the facility will be online by 2021, two years sooner than with the previous approach.

As a result of this action, the project will come online faster and at a lower cost, while benefitting the environment, the San Diego Union-Tribune reported.

Jonathan Heller