WRC May 2016 Meeting Update

The WRC’s next monthly meeting is tomorrow, May 17th at 10 a.m. at Stutz Artiano Shinoff & Holtz, 2488 Historic Decatur Road, Suite 200, in San Diego.

This month we will have two guest speakers: Bob Harding from the Metropolitan Water District will present on MWD's regional recycled water supply, and Al Lau of Padre Dam Municipal Water District will be on hand to talk about Padre Dam's Advanced Water Purification Project.

We will be discussing a formal endorsement decision on Padre Dam's Advanced Water Purification Project at Tuesday's meeting.

Time permitting, we will also be reviewing and discussing a working draft of a greywater background document being produced by the WRC. Please come prepared with any questions or comments.

Just a reminder, the WRC has moved to a bi-monthly meeting schedule. There will be no meeting in June.

Jason Roe