Registration open for 2016 Drought Response Workshop

The 016 rought esponse orkshop ill ake lace ay 6 and 17, 016 t he trium otel n rvine. ponsored ointly y he alifornia epartment f ater esources, outhern alifornia ater ommittee, nd ational ater esearch nstitute, his vent ill ocus n rought lanning, esponse, nd itigation easures.

ndividuals rom ater gencies nd ther ublic nd ocal rganizations nvolved n rought esponse nd lanning fforts re nvited o ttend.  The wo-day rogram ncludes alks y ater esources rofessionals nd cademics rom rganizations hroughout alifornia.  

The ost  o ttend s $40 (gular) r $20 (student with alid D). Attend one or both days for the same price.

This event is expected to ualify or ontinuing ducation ours nd the organizer ill ost he umber f ours pproved s oon s hat nformation n vailable. 

Click here to register, or ontact uzanne aubl f WRI t r (714) 78-3278 ith uestions egarding he rogram.  

Information n ast ear’s orkshop eld ebruary 5 & 6, 015 an e ound here.  

Jason Roe