County Storm Water Study Aims to Boost Water Supply

Stephanie Gaines, who oversees the County's Watershed Protection Program, gave a presentation on the Stormwater Capture Feasibility Study at the WRC's November 15 meeting.

The purpose of the study is to provide a county-wide analysis to determine the feasibility of planning, constructing, operating and managing facilities to capture and use stormwater in a beneficial manner.

The study looks at a number of questions, including:

·         How much stormwater is captured now?

·         How much more could feasibly be captured?

·         What are the opportunities to capture additional stormwater?

·         Are different strategies needed for upstream natural areas versus downstream urban areas?

The study carries numerous benefits. It will help officials identify new water supply opportunities and help the region diversify its water supply through direct and indirect, potable and non-potable uses. Further, the study advances both stormwater and urban water management goals.

To see the Scope of Work document for the study, click here.

Thank you, Stephanie, for this informative and illuminating presentation!

Jonathan Heller