Water Reliability Coalition

The San Diego region has a water supply dilemma: we import more than 80% of our water. Our members agree we need a better water supply solution, so we are working to advance water reuse to diversify the region's water portfolio, reduce our reliance on imported water and bring positive environmental, social and economic impacts to the greater San Diego region.  We are a broad-based affiliation of environmental, consumer, business, labor, ratepayer and technical organizations that look forward to our region securing a safe, reliable, sustainable & cost-effective local water supply.











Water Reliability Coalition Supporting Members:





The State of the Industry: Greywater

With the greywater industry picking up steam and gaining greater acceptance throughout the state, the Water Reliability Coalition sought out two industry leaders on the cutting edge of greywater to learn more.



Feds Fund 3 Clean Water Initiatives in San Diego

More than one-third of a $30 million pot of federal funding for clean water initiatives has been awarded to three San Diego-area projects.

The funding came through the Bureau of Reclamation’s Title XVI program and will help pay for projects that will provide clean water and advance water and energy efficiency.